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Hammond & Champness Ltd.
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Ernest Hammond and Harold Champness

Acquired by

Dover Corp. (1971), Thyssen AG (1999)

Year active

1905 - 1999

Hammond and Champness (often styled as H+C) was a British elevator manufacturer.


Hammond & Champness was established in 1905 by cousins Ernest Hammond and Harold Champness. The company was known as Hammond Brothers and Champness Ltd. when Leonard Hammond joined the company. Hammond & Champness originally manufactures water-powered hydraulic elevators.

In 1932, the company went bankrupt and was later taken over by E Pollard & Co. Ltd. but still run as a separate company. Later, the company was renamed to simply "Hammond & Champness". In 1967, Hammond & Champness took over Aldous & Campbell's hydraulic elevators.

The company remained independent until 1971, when it was taken over by Dover Corporation of the United States, as a means of entering the British market. H+C Dover from the mid-1970s onward was effectively a brand for Dover equipment installed in the UK.

H+C was effectively absorbed into Thyssen along with the rest of Dover's elevator business in 1999.

Notable installations

  • Hammond & Champness Building (159 St. John Street), London
  • Hatton Garden, London
  • University of Kent, Kent
    • Cornwallis South-East Octagon
    • Grimond Building
    • Kent Business School
  • King College Hospital - Atthur Levin Building, London
  • Cardiff Market, Cardiff
  • Gatehouse, Harlow
  • Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro
  • Laura Ahley, Bromley
  • Centrale Shopping Centre, Croydon
  • The Harlequin Theatre, Redhill
  • Lee Longland, Birmingham
  • Milford House, Salisbury
  • The Collonades Car Park, Doncaster (1989)
  • Barnsley Interchange Station (Platforms 1 & 2), Barnsley
  • Glasgow Museum of Transport, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Queen Elizabeth Building, Scotland
  • Concert Square Multi-Storey Car Park, Glasgow


  • Hammond & Champness made three different models of elevators in the 1980's that were based of Dover elevators; The Warden (for residential), The Balmoral (for office buildings) and The Windsor.


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