Fujitec GS8100 Autowalk is a moving walkway model currently made by Fujitec.


There are three models of GS8100 moving walkway; S800, S1000 and S1400. Each of these models are identified by their pallet width; the S800 pallet width is 800 meters, the S1000 one is 1000 meters and the S1400 one is 1400 meters. The S1000 model can be an inclined or horizontal type, while the S800 model is only an inclined type and the S1400 model is only a horizontal type.


  • 100 m of maximum length (for horizontal type only)
  • 9 m of maximum rise height (for inclined type only)
  • Pallet width:
    • 800 m for S800
    • 1000 m for S1000
    • 1400 m for S1400
  • Inclination:
    • 12 degrees for S800 and S1000
    • 0 degree for S1000 and S1400
  • 30 m/min speed

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