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Destination Reservation Guidance System (also known as Viridian Destination, or Destination Floor Guide System) is a destination dispatch elevator system invented by Fujitec.


In this system, the passenger uses the Destination Floor Registration Panel installed near (or within) the elevator hall to register the destination floor. The GSC system improves service by assigning the optimal elevator for each of the registered destination floors and assigning passengers to multiple elevator cars. Thus the system can reduce the number of stops, thereby reducing the journey time even during busy periods such as the up-peak period. GSC has the following advantages.

Easing the up-peak congestion

By assigning an elevator car to each of the registered destination floors, transportation efficiency can be improved, thereby easing the congestion in the elevator hall during the up-peak period.

Reducing the journey time

Since each of the registered destination floors is assigned to multiple elevator cars, the number of stops before reaching the destination floor decreases, which reduces the journey time.

Eliminating in-car operation

There is no in-car operation is required since the destination floor is already registered at the elevator hall. Elimination of the need for call registration in the car can insure a smoother passenger flow into the car even if there are many passengers waiting at the elevator hall.

Notable installations

  • New York Times Building, New York, NY, United States
  • 510 Madison, New York, NY, United States
  • Park Place, Seattle, WA, United States


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