This is a guide to elevator fixtures used in Express Evans/late Bruno Haack elevators.

1997 to present

First generation

These are the fixtures that were used in Express Evans elevators in the late 1990's, after Express Lift was acquired by Otis in the late 1990s.[1] These fixtures have square metal buttons with clear white halo (with four red illuminating stripes on the halo) and black button plates. The metal surface on the buttons are concave. Also, the button arrangement looks very similar to Otis 2000 fixtures. The button can also be a normal Otis round metal button, with black button plates. Floor indicators can be either a tall black display with red numbers, and arrows, or a blue LCD screen.

Second generation

These are the newest fixtures used on the Gen2-based Express Evans machine roomless elevators in the late 2000s to present day.[2] The buttons are round stainless steel dome shaped with small orange lamp on the center. The floor buttons have grey halo, while the door control buttons have white halo and the alarm button has yellow halo. Floor indicators are digital segments.

Otis 2000 fixtures

Express Evans often uses Otis's 2000 fixtures.

Express Evans Lift @ White Hart Hotel in Harrogate01:09

Express Evans Lift @ White Hart Hotel in Harrogate

Express Evans elevator using Otis's 2000 fixtures (video: Jimwoodward1212)

Generic fixtures

Sometimes, Dewhurst or DMG fixtures are used.

Notes and references

List of elevator fixtures guide

Main topic: Elevator fixtures

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For the other unknown fixtures, please refer to unknown elevator fixtures‎‎ page.

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