This is a fixtures guide of Elevators Pty. Ltd., or commonly known as EPL KONE.


These fixtures consists of white rounded square buttons which simply illuminates, and analog floor indicators with illuminating numbers. A variant of these buttons with a surface-mounted clear plastic frame was also available.


Square buttons

In the 1980s, EPL used fixtures consists of square buttons (with either white or black frame) with illuminating halo. Floor indicators in some late models were green LED dot-matrix which resembles Montgomery Vector's LED font.


Black buttons

Starting in the 1990s, most EPL KONE elevators were using black round buttons with illuminating halo (either green, orange, or red) and raised side. Floor indicators were normally green LED dot-matrix which resembles Montgomery Vector display.

Synergy 2000 indicators

These are green monochrome floor indicators with time and date displayed.

Novel Elements and Salient

Some late model of EPL KONE elevators were using Kone's Novel Elements fixtures for the call buttons (either original or modernized) or Salient. Some lifts were even using Kone's yellow ELD indicator.

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