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Elevator signs are signs placed in the outside or inside the elevator. These signs functions as a safety reminder or warning, location of elevator machine room, etc.

Type of signs

There are many type of elevator signs, for example a notice indicates the location of elevator machine room, notice about freight elevators, notice signs indicates that passengers are strictly prohibited to use elevators during emergency situations, etc.

Elevator machine room signs

These are normally placed on the elevator machine room (traction and hydraulic elevators) entrance doors.

Freight elevator signs

These signs normally found in freight elevators which indicates the usage of freight elevators are for freights instead of passengers. Sometimes the signs say that the freight elevators can take passengers



black vertical Stripe

"In case of fire, do not take the elevator" reminder

These signs are common found in most elevators. They tell passengers that in the event of fire or other emergency situations, passengers are strictly prohibited to use elevators because it is very dangerous. Instead, they must use stairs to evacuate from the building[1]. In other countries like Hong Kong sometimes may don't have logo but reminder still exist. In some elevators, the sign may also be etched on the call button panel (such as those in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries).

American firemen's service signs

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These can be found inside of outside an elevator.

"Floors served by this fireman's lift" sign

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This type of sign is appeared only in Hong Kong and Macau, China. To tell the firemen which floors will be served when the fire service mode active and maybe different than the normal mode. .

Other signs

Disabled Evacuation Signs

Out of Service Signs

Elevator Shaft Signs

Medical emergency/Code Blue service (EHS)

Floor designators

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Elevator capacity signs

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