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Elevator monitoring system is a device installed in an elevator (this also applied for escalators) that constantly monitors the performance of an elevator and tracks hundreds of system functions on thousands of elevators.


Remote lift maintenance system

If an elevator is experiencing malfunction and the system detects a problem, it correctly diagnoses the cause and location, then automatically makes the service call to the elevator service company. The system also allows predicting maintenance schedules depends on diagnosing data collected from the elevator, to reduce possible downtime and numbers of service call.

The system can be provided by elevator service company without extra charge, depends on the maintenance contract. However, the building owners still need to pay for the landline or cellular service, to keep the system connected to the elevator service company.

Monitoring System for individual buildings

The system act as a supervisory panel usually installed in building's management office. It is a computer software which allows building owners to monitor elevator and escalator systems in one or serval locations.

The system usually equipped with various options for managing the elevator systems, such as :

  • Operation mode switching (Parking, independent service etc.)
  • Access Control (Change floor locking status)
  • Up/down peak mode scheduling
  • Traffic history playback
  • Fault logging
  • Generate reports

Notable products

Remote lift maintenance system

Monitoring System for individual buildings



Kone E-Link software in action

Kone E-Link software in action

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