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This is a guide of switches for fireman's elevators that are manufactured by different elevator as well as third-party elevator components manufacturers. Fireman switches are used to activate Fire service mode (EFS) and are normally found in Asia, Europe and possibly Central and South America. This guide can be used to figure out the age and the brand of the elevator, if the elevator is not branded.

This page does not include Fireman keyswitches that are found in elevators installed in the United States.

Dong Yang

1990s to 2003

After the buyout in October 2003, ThyssenKrupp Dongyang used the latest type of Dong Yang's fireman switch for only a few years.


1980s to 2000s

2010s to present


As GoldStar's elevator division was affiliated with Hitachi, Hitachi's fireman switch were used in some 1990s GoldStar and then LG elevators. Today, the same type of fireman switch is still being made by Sigma.

1990s to present


To be added.


1990s to early 2000s

2000s to present

To be added.


1980s to 1990s


2000s to present


1990s to present


2000s to present


1970s to 1990s

To be added.

2000s to present

Shanghai Mitsubishi

2000s to present

Third-party fireman switch

These are the fireman switch made by third-party elevator components manufacturers, which are then installed by either major/real or third-party elevator companies.

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