Kone fail indicator (2) "This elevator needs to be fixed!"
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Kone fail indicator

An elevator emergency communications system, often in the form of an emergency telephone, is a system used in elevators to contact a certain group in case of an emergency.


The emergency commucation system can consist of either a phone in the control panel (often hidden in a compartment behind a door, common in the US) or an intercom.

The intercom/phone is usually set to dial the security office/maintenance department or the elevator company (also known as elevator remote monitoring), although there are cases where it is set to dial the emergency number of the country the elevator is located in.

Proper usage

  • When you are stuck in the elevator
  • A medical emergency in the elevator (e.g. cardiac arrest, often in hospitals only)

Incorrect Usage

  • Chatting to your friends in the lobby
  • Prank calls