An elevator prank is the act of scaring the user(s) of the elevator that usually does not involve .


Elevator pranks happen in either real or mock up elevators. It usually involves a prankster and rider(s). The prankster then does something to scare the rider(s) in the elevator. These pranks are usually harmless and do not affect operations of the elevator

Type of pranks

The type of pranks are:

  • Ghost Pranks - Where the elevator's power goes off and the "ghost" appears.
  • Murder pranks- Where two men fight and one of them attempts to kill the other.
  • Floor falling pranks - Where LCD or TV screens are placed on the elevator's floor and the floor "falls".

Notable elevator pranks on YouTube

Schindler lifts (Dewhurst fixtures 2) "This elevator only serves two floors."
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