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Elevator Emergency Landing Device is a special device installed in an elevator which is only in operation during an event of a power failure or blackouts occurred in a building. Elevator emergency landing device is useful because it prevent passenger being trapped inside the elevator during power failure. All newly-installed elevators must be implemented before the examination passed.

How it works

Upon power failure, an elevator equipped with this device automatically moves and stops at the nearest floor using a rechargeable battery (or uninterruptible power supply, UPS), and the doors open to ensure passenger safety.

Notable devices

Devices in Mitsubishi elevators

There are two types of emergency landing devices equipped in Mitsubishi elevators; Operation by Emergency Power Source (OEPS) and

Operation by Emergency Power Source (OEPS)

With OEPS, elevators operates using emergency power source during power failure in order to prevent passengers from being trapped inside the elevator cars. When the power is restored, the elevators will resumed in normal operation.

With supervision panel

  • OEPS SW and Return / Cont. SW are provided with Supervisory Panel.
  • Return Floor is floor designated by each customer in advance, or the nearest floor.
  • OEPS SW shall remain set to AUTO position under normal conditions. If some cars do not automatically travel to Return Floor due to some abnormality, set switch to MANUAL position and operate elevator according to procedures shown above.

Without supervision panel

Return Floor is defined as the floor designated in advance by each customer, or the nearest floor.

MELD - Mitsubishi Emergency Landing Device

Main article: Mitsubishi Emergency Landing Device (MELD)


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