This is a guide to the different fixtures that have been made by ECC.

Fixtures with ECC? buttons

These fixtures have round buttons, with a halo that lights up, and a dot in the middle that lights up. The car station buttons have raised black surround brailles, with silver colored metal around the edge. Non-floor buttons on the car station are white plastic buttons, that appear to have clear plastic in front of the white part. The lanterns are simple triangle shaped arrows. It is unknown if ECC makes the buttons, or if the buttons are made by MAD.

Fixtures with Innovation Decorator buttons

ECC makes car stations (it is unknown if they make hall stations for this purpose) that are designed for Innovation Decorator buttons, but using an ECC emergency light & LCD indicator. It is unknown if ECC makes panels for other types of Innovation buttons.

List of elevator fixtures guide

Main topic: Elevator fixtures

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For the other unknown fixtures, please refer to unknown elevator fixtures‎‎ page.