Dover Traflomatic was Dover's geared traction elevator controller in the 1970s-1990s.


Dover Traflomatic elevators might have been a successor to the Computamatic elevators, but it is unknown if this is true. The original system, Traflomatic, existed in the 1970s, and Traflomatic 500 (Canada version of Traflomatic?), before the elevator system went through 3 redesigns with Traflomatic II existing from the late 1970s to the mid -1980s, Traflomatic III existing from the late 1987 to the 1990s, confirmed to exist in 1992, and Traflomatic IV existing from the 1990s until probably 1999-2000, confirmed to exist in 1997. The Traflomatic IV was most likely replaced with the TAC50 in 1999-2000. There was also Traflomatic IV/M for modernizations. Traflomatic IV/M can be used with both silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) for DC motors and Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drive systems for AC motors.


  • Traflomatic 500 was most likely exclusive to Canada.
  • The original Traflomatic elevator system and Traflomatic II were relay controlled; however, Traflomatic III, Traflomatic IV and Traflomatic IV/M were solid-state microprocessor control systems.
Schindler lifts (Dewhurst fixtures 2) "This elevator only serves two floors."
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