This is a guide of some fixtures used in Dong Yang elevator.


Rectangular buttons

These buttons are rectangular glass with black border and would lights up in yellow orange. These fixtures resembles the same type used by GoldStar and Toshiba in the 1980s. The only difference here is that the door control buttons have symbols instead of words (i.e. OPEN/DO and CLOSE/DC respectively). Some have touch-sensitive style buttons but they are actually push button type.

Floor indicators

In the 1980s, the floor indicators were horizontal floor counter display with illuminating numbers above the landing doors, which resembles 1970s-1980s Toshiba floor counter. There were also some digital floor counters in the late 1980s.


Black buttons

Many Dong Yang elevators in the 1990s were using fixtures from Toshiba elevators, only with few differences. Usually, the symbols used on the call and door control buttons are triangular arrows. There were also few Dong Yang elevators using Toshiba's 1980s Computer Control fixtures.

Floor indicators

Most of the floor indicators used on 1990s elevators were digital segments display. There were also floor counter display with square illuminating lenses. Some are located on the hall station panel while some are installed above the outside landing doors. On the inside, the floor indicators are either on the car station panel or above landing doors.

Hall lanterns

Also in the 1990s, Dong Yang often uses hall lanterns that looks very similar like Toshiba.

2000 to 2003

Oval buttons

These buttons were used in the early 2000s when the modern Dong Yang elevators came out. These buttons are metal oval shaped with red illuminating halo. Nowadays these buttons are still being used by thyssenkrupp for few modernizations.

Black buttons

These buttons were used in very late Dong Yang elevators before they merged with ThyssenKrupp in 2003, and were used again in the ThyssenKrupp Dongyang era. These buttons looks the same as the ones used in the 1990s, but had a silver halo, green lamps on both door control buttons, and the yellow alarm buttons had changed to intercom button with a telephone symbol.

Floor indicators

There were many styles and variations of floor indicators that were used by Dong Yang elevators in the early 2000s, most of them were using digital segments displays, but there were also some LED dot-matrix ones.

Arrival chimes

From 1980s to 1990s, the old-style bell sound was used as the elevator's arrival chime. Starting in the early 2000s, electronic chimes were used. Nowadays, the newer chimes are still being used on some newer Korean-based ThyssenKrupp elevators.

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