This is a list of elevator fixtures produced by Dewhurst plc, a company that produces and manufactures braille and tactile push buttons for any both major elevator companies and generic elevator companies.[1][2]

1930s to 1960s

Black buttons

These buttons are round, and the color depends on the button. The call and floor buttons are black. The call buttons sometimes have a light above them that lights up when the button is pressed. The floor buttons do not light up. The stop button is red, the door open button is green, and the alarm button is white. These fixtures were mostly used in old British-made elevators such as Bennie Lifts, Evans Lifts, Marryat & Scott, Etchells, Congdon & Muir, and fewer old generic elevator companies.

1970s to 1990s

Compact series buttons

US81 Compact

US81 Original pushbuttons were launched in 1971 and common until in the late 1990s. These buttons are square stainless steel with chrome frame, and a small engraved number on the bottom left of the button's corner. Later design had a small red lamp on the top right and illuminating halo. They can just be illuminating floor indicators and not pressable for some reasons. The design of these buttons were later adapted in the current US90 series buttons.

Black US81 Compact

These buttons have black paint with non-painted braille and tactile (for EN81-70 standard), and red illuminating lamp (but both not on the tactile legend). Also, these button plates are possible to be mounted on a later Compact 2 chassis and the Compact series replaced from this series later but Dewhurst still offer these types of surface for elevator companies.

US89 Compact

These are stainless steel barrel shaped buttons with or without illuminating red halo. They can just be illuminating floor indicators and not pressable for some reasons. These buttons were common in some older Schindler, Keighley (in the United Kingdom), and few other elevators.


When the US81 and US89 series buttons were launched in 1971, the same types of keyswitches also provided for the panels to operate the elevators (access to locked floors, turn on/off lights, operating the fire service mode etc.).

US85 and US85 Braille

These are large square buttons that looks just like the Jumbo Compact series in 2000s. Button faceplates are either comes in stainless steel hairline (without braille and tactile) or stainless steel black paint with braille and tactile legends (for EN81-70 standard) just like a larger version of the US81 series buttons. They have red or sometimes green illuminating halo. These buttons are very common in older elevators used in London Underground stations and some older Hong Kong MTR stations in late-1990s. Nowadays, the US85 pushbuttons are still being made as of today until late-2016.


These are protruding round buttons with a small red dot lamp on the center. They also have braille plate installed next to them. These buttons are still being produced nowadays.

Hidden Legends indicators

Hidden Legends indicators are various kinds of illuminating lamps that displays various kinds of symbols or words to indicate a specified elevator status (for example: out of service lamp, overload warning lamp, etc.). The words can also be shown in different languages like Chinese and Hebrew. Hidden Legends Indicators in the 1970s-1990s only have UL200 and US81 series.

Vandal-resistant indicators

The UL200 indicators are set of small vandal-resistant numeral indicators with bright illuminated legends. It belongs to one of the two series products of Hidden Legends Indicators. UL200 indicators are quite commonly found in older elevators in old public housing blocks in Hong Kong.

ULS47H indicators

These are LED floor counter which displays text and scrolling arrows. Most elevators installed under the Lift Upgrading Programme in Singapore are required to be fitted with these indicators since in the early 1990s.

2000s to present

Compact series buttons

The larger "Compact" series buttons range were launched in 1999. It replaced the US81 series buttons (the chassis is called "Compact") that was produced over 20 years.

These models of buttons are in standard Compact 2, Compact 2 Micro, Compact 3 and Compact 3 Profile. They are using same button plate for their corresponding shape that can fit in. The button plate you can replace it when you update the floor numbers and just want to indicate where is a main entrance level. These models of buttons also can act as indicators just like US90. Only the same size button plates can backward compatible to older Compact chassis.

Some types of these button surfaces also came with Kone symbol, this mean some buttons are followed by Kone's standard.

The Compact series comes in many different types and series, they are:

Round type

  • US91 - round metal buttons which only has illuminating numbers.
  • US91-15 - similar style as the US91 series but features an illuminating tactile and halo, and non-illuminating braille.
  • US91-EN - round black anodized buttons molded with opal polycarbonate (for EN81-70 standard). They only have illuminating numbers.
  • US91BB - round metal vandal resistant with a yellow concave on the center and illuminating halo.
  • US92 - round buttons with black halo and pressel illumination. An optional design is that any legend can be engraved on the pressel.
  • US95 - similar style as US91-15, but features an illuminating tactile and braille.

  • US95-AB - round buttons that has antibacterial protection, tactile and halo illumination, and opal polycarbonate-molded white plastic pressel.
  • US95-EN - similar style as the US91-EN, but features an illuminating tactile and braille.
  • US100 - round metal, vandal resistant buttons with a lamp on the center.

Square type

  • US90 - square metal buttons with only illuminating lettering.
  • US90-15 - square buttons with illuminating legend and halo, and non-illuminating braille.
  • US90-EN - square black anodized buttons molded with opal polycarbonate (for EN81-70 standard). They only have illuminating numbers.
  • US94 - square buttons with black halo and pressel illumination. An optional design is that any legend can be engraved on the pressel.
  • US96 - similar style as US95, but features an illuminating tactile and braille. A square version of US95.
  • US96-EN - similar style as the US91-EN, but features an illuminating tactile and braille.

Barrel type

The barrel type buttons is the only barrel-shaped button type in the Compact series family, and only available in one series, the US89, which is revamped from the original 1971 Dewhurst US89 buttons. These buttons either has flat or raised illuminating legend, and do not have braille.[2]

New Jumbo buttons

These buttons are basically like the large version of Compac 2, 2 Micro, 3 and 3 Profile buttons. They are normally used in low rise but high traffic environments like airports, transportation hubs, shopping centers and hospitals. Due to their big size, they can also be operated by an elbow or even knee.

Square Jumbos

  • JUS90 - Stainless steel hairline with only illuminating halo and number (similar to US90)

  • JUS90-30 - Stainless steel hairline with braille and both illuminating number and halo (similar to US90-15)
  • JUS96-30 - Stainless steel hairline with illuminating halo, braille and number (similar to US96)

  • JUS90-30EN - Black anodised with illuminating halo and number (similar to US90-EN)
  • JUS96-30EN - Black anodised with illuminating braille, number and halo (similar to US96-EN)

Round Jumbos

  • JUS91 - Stainless steel hairline with only illuminating halo and number (similar to US91)
  • JUS91-30 - Stainless steel hairline with braille and both illuminating number and halo (similar to US91-15)
  • JUS95-30 - Stainless steel hairline with illuminating halo, braille and number (similar to US95)

  • JUS95-30EN - Black anodised with illuminating braille, number and halo (similar to US95-EN)

  • JUS91-30EN - Black anodised with illuminating number and halo (similar to US91-EN)


A Optic series which look similar as some fixtures for American market that have a tactile & braille plate beside the buttons but this type of plate which can illuminate both tactile & braille dots. So all of those were usually for American market which can meet ASME A17.1 standard.

US90 Optic

Also known as Compact 3 US90 Optic, this button series was introduced in 2016[7]. Basically the buttons are like US90 but without illuminating number, and has a braille and tactile plate next to them. The standard US90 (with illuminating number) and US90-EN are also matched with this series.

US91 Optic

The alternative name of this button series is Compact 3 Optic[8]. The first model of Optic series ever published. For pressable buttons, it can only mount with Compact 3 and Compact 3P chassis because these buttons design would not match for Compact 2 and Compact 2 Micro (unlike US91BB).

M-10 Series buttons

This series only available four series of pushbuttons; M-10 RSB, M-10 REB, M-10 RST and M-10 RET. The M-10 RSB and REB are equipped with braille marks, the only difference is that the RSB series are pure stainless steel while the REB series are stainless steel with black paints. Same goes with the M-10 RST and RET series, but both buttons do not equipped with braille marks. M-10 Series buttons are very rare.

M-20 Series buttons

This is a second version of the M-10 Series push buttons, with the RSB, REB, RST and RET series, but they are all equipped with white LED illumination lamp for tactile legend and Braille (if provided). There is a vandal resistant button series called M-20 RVR.


The US97-EN series are weatherproof buttons normally used in outdoor elevators such as in pedestrian bridge, subway underpass or train/railway/metro/subway stations. These buttons have round shape, black paint, white tactile, and illuminating halo with various colors.

US91 Bar

Also known as Compact 2 US91 Bar, these are extra wide buttons to identify main floor or special floors. They also matches with US91, US91-EN, and other button styles as an option.

US85 series buttons

US85 and US85 Braille (pre-2016)

Please refer to US85 and US85 Braille section above.

Dewhurst continued to make US85 and US85 Braille buttons and didn't take any revise and modify for them but now have very few new installation to use this fixtures. These types of buttons has been discontinued in mid-2016 and those replaced with New US85 (which already dropped the "New" off).

"New" US85 (post-2014)

Dewhurst introduced their completely redesigned version of the US85 buttons (originally named as New US85) in 2014. This provide new chassis different than both US85 and US85 Braille buttons which is the similar surface and illumination type in the current Jumbo version of the Compact series. Although this introduced, the original US85 and US85 Braille are still in-production until mid-2016 and dropped the "New" off from the name.

The options (or difference of the former US85 and US85 Braille) of this series are:

  • Provide colours for illumination including "no lamps", red, yellow, green, blue and white.
  • Different textures for the stainless steel surface or just a stainless steel surface with the black paint (for EN81-70 standard).
    • Stainless steel surface can be green for main floor with the extended button (for the lifts in the United Kingdom).
    • Alarm button stainless steel surface can be yellow (for the lifts installed under "Design Manual: Barrier Free Access 2008 (BFA 2008)" standard in Hong Kong, China and EN81-70 standard).
  • Different colour illumination of bracing and tactile symbols or numbers and Braille can be chosen.
  • Button plate can be replaced with the Jumbo JUS90 series or Jumbo JUS96 series.


Please refer to Keyswitches section above.

Nowadays, Dewhurst completely replaced the model of keyswitches because the larger "Compact" series buttons range were issued in 2000s.

These keyswitches usually match with Compact 2 and Compact 3 for standard depth, The slimmer version (also known as Low profile) is usually match with Compact 2 Micro and Compact 3P. M-20 is also for standard depth.

  • Standard depth
    • US89
    • US90
    • US91
    • M-20
  • Slimmer version
    • US90
    • US91

LCD displays

Dewhurst also makes LCD displays floor indicators, from plain to full color displays. The current LCD displays in-production are:

  • LD-33 Mono 3.3"
  • LD-88 Mono 5.7"
  • eScreen LCD Color
  • R1 Range - compact high quality full color LCD display.
  • S1 Range - full TFT color LCD display.
  • iS2 Range - premium full color display with multimedia.
  • Panorama - a revolutionary display which uses LED-backlit LCD displays with enchanced dynamic contrast and brilliant color depth. Available in three screen sizes; 19", 28" and 38".

LED displays

Dewhurst currently makes the following LED displays.

Normal displays

  • ULS47H - these LED indicators are commonly found used by elevators installed under the Lift Upgrading Programme in Singapore since in the early 1990s.
  • Other series below which looks similar to each others:
    • ULS32H/V
    • ULS43H
    • ULS52H/V
    • ULS54H
    • ULSP32H/V
    • ULSP52H/V

Vandal Resistant displays

  • UL16 - LED digital segments displays. UL16 indicator uses 16-segment displays and are commonly found in NCP car parks in England, and some Public Housing Estates in Hong Kong, mainly Hitachi, Schindler and Sigma.
  • UL200 - small square illuminating numbers which are arrange into an analog display. They also provided with the Hidden Legends indicators due to their similar appearance.
  • LED dot matrix series below which looks similar to each others:
    • VRS52H/V
    • VRS53H
    • VRS54H

Hidden Legends indicators

  • UL200 - small square Hidden Legends indicators with icon or informative message such as overloaded, out of service, lift arrived, etc. It also provide different non-English language such as Chinese and Hebrew.
  • US90 - Since US81 series buttons were discontinued in the 2000s, their US81 Hidden Legends Indicators were also discontinued on the same time and replaced into current US90.
  • Hidden Legends indicators series below which looks similar to each others:
    • M-20
    • US91

Destination Controls


These are hall keypad fixtures for elevators equipped with their Destination Control Systems, Ethos Navigator (by their division, Thames Valley Controls) destination dispatch. They are consists of a large LCD touch screen and keypad. There are two types of keypad buttons; stainless steel buttons with non-illuminated numbers and black buttons with illuminating numbers.

Identification lanterns

These are elevator identification signs for destination dispatch elevators. Dewhurst makes six types of identification lanterns; Classic Blade ID, Mirror Blade, UniBlade ID, UniBlade Flush ID, Cube ID and UniBlade Lantern + ID.

Hall lanterns

Dewhurst currently makes four types of hall lanterns; Blade Lanterns, UniBlade, UniBlade Flush and UL200.

Wallraff Dial Indicators

Dewhurst started making custom designed ornate dial indicators in 2016 which made of solid brass, alloy or bronze. Wallraff is an approved partner of Dewhurst.

Switching Components

Switching Components are set of fixtures which are also manufactured by Dewhurst. Switching Components only have Series 42, 44, 50 and 52 pushbuttons, and Series 44 keyswitches.

Series 42

These are round buttons with illuminating halo, braille and tactile.

Series 44

These are solid metallic round buttons with braille, tactile and illuminating halo. There are also five other variants of Series 44 buttons.

  • Shape 2 - round solid metallic or brass button with illuminating halo and black frame.
  • Shape 3 - square metallic button with illuminating halo.
  • Shape 7 - round metallic and protruding button.
  • Shape 9 - round metallic button with a small lamp on the top.
  • Shape 10 - similar to Shape 9, but has a small lamp on the top and bottom.

Series 50

Series 52

These are round buttons with reinforced illuminating glass tactile, braille, as well as an illuminating halo.

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