Dewhurst (or Dewhurst Group plc) is an independent elevator components, keypad and rail industries supplier in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1919 and the Dewhurst Group now has sales of around US $50 million and employs over 300 people in locations around the world.


Dewhurst was founded by Melbourne Dewhurst and Howard Marryat in 1919[1]. In 1971, a breakthrough was made with the launch of the US81 Original Pushbutton.


Lift pushbuttons


ATM keypad

Dewhurst also provides keypad for NCR's Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

Railway components

Dewhurst also provide few components for railway industry, such as door carriage open button and other components.

Worldwide locations

Dewhurst has their group links located in six countries.

United Kingdom

United States


  • Australian Lift Components
  • Lift Material Australia
  • J.A.S. Engineering


  • Dupar Controls


  • Dewhurst Hungary

Hong Kong, China

Notable projects

  • Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, London, United Kingdom (2008)
  • The Shard, London, United Kingdom (2012)
  • National Rail stations, United Kingdom
  • International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong, China (2009)
  • Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong, China
  • Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway, Hong Kong, China (1998 to present)[4]
  • Most of the Public Housing Estate blocks built by Hong Kong Housing Authority, Hong Kong, China (1970s to present)
  • Most of HDB flats built by Housing and Development Board, Singapore (1990s to present)
  • Mass Rapid Transit, Singapore (2000s to 2012)[5]
  • Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex, Melbourne, Australia


  • The USA-based Elevator Research & Manufacturing is a division company of Dewhurst Group plc.
  • As "[6]" stated, Dewhurst is the largest elevator buttons manufacturer in the whole elevator industry.[7]


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