Deve 300H was a hydraulic elevator system produced by Schindler in the 2000's which was based off Deve's hydraulic design, and only sold in Australia. It was claimed to be the most successful low rise elevator solution in Australia.


Deve 300H was an electro hydraulic cantilever elevator system which was based off the design that was used by Deve Hissar AB in Sweden, whereby the hydraulic pistons are inverted (turned up-side down) and the casing is mounted to the side of the elevator car. This model comes in a single-post model. It was designed for low rise buildings and also designed as both passenger and freight elevator.


  • Rated load of 620, 840 and 1190 kilograms.
  • Nominal passenger rating of 9, 12 and 17 persons.
  • Maximum travel is 21 meters.
  • Maximum speed is 0.75 m/s.
  • Comes in both single and double entrances.

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