This is a guide to the different fixtures that have been made by DMG, as well as also applied to their Canadian company MAD.

BN Dune Series

DMG's BN Dune Series have curved rectangular buttons with red or blue halo lamp.

B7 Maxxi

The B7 Maxxi series have rounded square buttons with red, blue, or green halo lamp, and tactile legend. In America, these are branded as MAD Colossus.

BP Panzer

BP Panzer has metal round buttons with a tiny red lamp on the center. Much similar to Schindler's FI MXV series buttons. In America, these are branded as MAD BP Series.

BS Sherman

BS Sherman have round metal buttons with red halo lamp, and has black braille plate next to the buttons. In America, these are branded as MAD BS Series.

BL Light

BL Light have either round (series K), rounded square buttons (series Q), pillowed square (series F) or pillowed rectangle (series B) with red or blue halo lamp, and tactile legend for America.

BD Dual Light

A lot similar to the BL Light series, but they have orange or blue braille legend for America.

BX Equinox

These fixtures consist of oval shaped buttons, with a halo that lights up. The button might be on only one side of the oval, but this is unconfirmed. These fixtures look kind of like Orona fixtures. These fixtures are not sold in America.

BM Macro

These fixtures consist of round metal buttons, with a halo that lights up, and a braille on the button. The number does not light up. These fixtures are not sold in America.

BF Masquerade

These fixtures consist of round buttons, with or without a braille on them, a halo that lights up, and a frame around the button that can be round (series K), pillowed square (series F), or pillowed rectangle (series B). The button can be made out of plastic, stainless steel, or PVD (brass like coating). These fixtures are not sold in America, but have been seen imported on ThyssenKrupp LEV elevators (pillowed square frame, plastic buttons).

BR Dardo

BR Dardo is a new fixture line that is very similar to Schindler's FI GS, Linea 100 and Linea 300 fixtures. These fixtures are not currently sold in America, but will possibly be sold there in the future, which would probably to be branded as MAD BL Series.

Caesar Surround

Caesar Surround has two types of buttons; round and square metal. The round type has either halo lamp or just located on the center of the buttons. They are also similar to Mad's BP Series and Schindler's FI MXV series buttons. The square type has red, yellow, or blue halo lamp.

Mad's fixtures for residential elevators

These are pretty basic and simple with boxless surface mounted panel, round buttons and digital floor indicator. These fixtures are normally used for residential elevators in private homes.

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