• Chookhaysenn

    If you have planned to film in Hat Yai, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani, Songkhla, Chana, Dannok (Sadao), Trang, Krabi and Phuket, here's a great tip for you!

    This mostly applies to Hat Yai, Songkhla, Chana, Dannok and Pattani malls and department store. Including larger hotels (like Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel). Due to recent terroism in Southernmost Thailand, the security has tighten. But you still be able to film elevators without getting busted. Here's how:

    They have security check on all enterence of the mall. So, you can begin to film elevators from the outside.

    Before, this hotel doesn't tighten it's security. Still safe to film outside the elevator. After this shopping centre and hotel caught by underground carpark bombing recently, the …

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  • Maddox121

    BOLD Means it contains obscene languages NSFW.

    The Elevator Channel -

    ElevExplorer 64 -

    Itzik200 - &

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  • Chookhaysenn

    I know everyone likes to travel somewhere. But this time, I'm going to talk about travel and elevators for Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani and Hat Yai

    The budget range is 20k bhat (2500MYR or $588USD) or less for 4 persons (or equal to 1 family) for 4 days, 3 nights trip. This is using owned car (not rent a car) and not travel using other transportation like take an airplane, rent a mini van, taxi, tuk-tuk and Songthrew.

    This is for Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani and Hat Yai trip and not other places.

    Most of the hotels that I stay have elevators. But only 1 hotel that I stay doesn't have elevator but they are adding some elevator and available very soon.

    • The Twin Lotus Hotel, Surat Thani (1900 bhat, include breakfast and have elevators)
    • The…

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  • Upanddownadventures

    Here are some of my tips on doing research.

    1. Elevator company websites

    Visiting elevator company websites can be good to find out what are that company's current elevator models, and their specifications.

    2. Internet Archive Wayback Machine

    On, there is a very helpful resource called the WayBack Machine. It allows you to visit archived versions of websites from the past, sometimes as early as 1996. This is mainly useful for visiting archived version of elevator company websites, and seeing what products they made back then. You can also search for particular websites (good for finding websites of defunct elevator companies).

    3. Elevator catalogs

    If you either get an elevator catalog, or find scans of one online on a website such as…

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  • ElevatorFanGeek

    Hello all! So, my plan is to become active once again on my elevator channel, uploading videos once a week at the minimum (if all goes according to plan). Just letting you all know in case you want to come on over to my channel and give me a little support! Hopefully this doesn't count as self-promotion or advertising, but here's the link to My Channel. My goal is to try to have new videos uploaded by the end of next month (hopefull everything will line up and fall into place by then). I've just had so much going on over the past year that I really had to slack off on the uploading, but I'm going to try and make time to keep the quality content coming this time!

    Thanks for the read!

    Nathan Colley (TopElevatorFan - YouTube), (ElevatorFanGeek -…

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  • TheDragonFire

    Firstly, to all viewers; I haven't been able to record any new content recently, due to not going anywhere significant or riding many elevators, due to family events.

    However, a new Westfield Chermside development has finished. I'm going there this Thursday, and that day is when I'll upload a video for this week.

    Thanks for viewing.


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  • Chookhaysenn

    Since Digi Prepaid (Malaysia telco provider) offers 8GB/month for video and music streaming on August 2016, and then 10GB/month on March 2017, including they introduced video and music streaming data plans (also known as unlimited video and music streaming) at various price (RM1/day for 512kbps max usage up to 10GB, RM1/hour at 4G speed at max usage up to 3GB, RM5/day at 4G speed at max usage up to 10GB and RM28/month at 4G speed at max usage up to 1000GB).

    On their website, it says that only can be used on YouTube, DailyMotion, JOOX, TonTon (Malaysia online IPTV, TV shows and drama video streaming), iflix and few others.

    But I was shocked that Elevatorpedia, Elevator Community Wiki, Star Asia Elevator Wikia and other Wikia's website are abl…

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  • Chookhaysenn

    Kota Bharu is a Islamic city (but most non Muslim called Kota Bharu is a developing town or just a 'town'). Kota Bharu keeps growing every year. Kota Bharu is very popular for Muslim traveller from the west coast. No other elevator filmers went here except Star Asia Elevator and Escalator and Star CKX TV (both of them live 10km away from Kota Bharu which is Wakaf Bharu town where train station located here).

    Here's the lists of elevators and escalators can be found in Kota Bharu:

    The second biggest mall in Kelantan. In this mall have Otis Elevator (moded from Sigma Elevator) with Sigma escalator (some still original and some moderized, serving Ground, 1 and 2 floor), Fujitec escalator (serving Basement and Ground Floor) and OTIS escalator (s…

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  • TheDragonFire

    Ignore the dates. Those are wrong. Due to having a family holiday, I'm not uploading from April 13 to April 15.

    In other unrelated news, there is no 'new' Sunday upload today in the sense that all videos uploaded today are fillers from missed uploads.

    There is still new uploads for March 31 and April 2 though. These will end my Indooropilly batch.

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  • NingSama

    Note: All of statistics are up to date as of February 9th, 2017.

    1. Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo, Japan (634m)
    2. Shanghai Tower, China (632m)
    3. Shanghai World Financial Center, China (492m)
    4. Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, China (467.9m)
    5. Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai, China (420.5m)
    6. Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok (304m)
    7. State Tower, Bangkok (247m)
    8. Centara Grand at CentralWorld, Bangkok (235m)
    9. Empire Tower, Bangkok (227m)
    10. Swissotel the Stamford Singapore, Singapore (226m)

    1. Singapore (90 videos)
    2. Nonthaburi (71 videos)
    3. Tokyo (55 videos)
    4. Samut Prakarn (27 videos)
    5. Chonburi (18 videos)
    6. Pathumthani (14 videos)
    7. Kanagawa-Kawasaki (3 videos)
    8. Nakhon Pathom (3 videos)
    9. Samut Sakhon (3 videos)
    10. Chiba-Narita (3 videos)

    Based on number of floors reached.

    1. The Offices at CentralWorld, Bangkok (45th floor…

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  • TheDragonFire

    UPDATE: I've marked this blog post for deletion because... it is obsolete. RIP.

    Unfortunely, due to becoming much more busy, this video: will be the very last video for a while.

    I will start uploading again in the future. I will still reply to comments.


    TheDragonFire (talk) 12:29, January 22, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Chookhaysenn

    Escalator??? OK, I will talk about escalator in South Thailand this time!

    I can list some of escalator that I know within South Thailand:

    • Big C Hat Yai
    • Big C Extra Hat Yai
    • Tesco Lotus Chana
    • Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel (both plaza and hotel)
    • Central Festival Hat Yai
    • Tesco Lotus Songkhla
    • Robinson Hat Yai
    • Robinson Lifestyle Mall Trang
    • Diana Mall Hat Yai (oldest mall in Hat Yai)
    • Odean Fashion Mall Hat Yai

    I can't list too much place have escalator.

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  • Cynder-loves-lifts

    Happy Christmas!

    December 24, 2016 by Cynder-loves-lifts

    Happy Christmas everypony!

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  • TheDragonFire

    IDLift3000, this is official.

    Apparently, some vandal named "Rolfturnip" replaced ALL of my content with "ROFL". I wasn't there to see it.

    Knew it was going to happen eventually, but anyway.

    Evidence here:


    TheDragonFire (talk) 10:48, November 27, 2016 (UTC) (8:48 PM AEST (GMT +10))

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  • Chookhaysenn

    Facebook LIVE are now becoming trending for all users since Facebook LIVE was available only for who have 'blue tick'. But now, everyone can show on going event, show off his talent, etc LIVE.

    How about I will say film elevators using Facebook LIVE to show off all the fans.

    You need:

    -A smartphone which is running android 4.4 and above or iOS 7 and above (not sure if it is correct for iOS because I never use iOS phone before).

    -an internet connection (at least H/H+). Highly recommended is 4G/4GLTE/LTE/4G+.

    -a camera (note that video quality will auto setting depend on internet speed).

    You can show all of your fans about you film elevators to the world. You might get a views, likes and emotion during LIVE starts. When LIVE ends, you can save it t…

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  • Chookhaysenn

    I have been Langkawi since 2007. But this year, I come back to Langkawi Island and discover some beautiful moments and elevators.

    You can get in by boat from Kuala Perlis, Kuala Kedah, Penang, Satun and Ko Lipe.

    • Bold words required passport before you can get in to Langkawi by boat.

    For airplane, you can take flight to/from Guanzhou (China), Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

    You can't find any local bus nearby. But here are 2 option: take a taxi or rent a car (as low as RM50 till RM400 per day). I recommended you rent a car because Langkawi is very lack of public transport. I have ever take a Proton Saga mid 80's car which costs RM40/day. If you prefer international car, it begins RM120++.

    If you go by group (40 person or not less than 30 person), mostly…

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  • Chookhaysenn

    Travel or film elevators? I will tell you where I might to film within September till December this year.

    Will be expected to go on 29 September this year with Chinese Club Kelantan. The trip is finally confirmed. A total of 2 buses. While ferry is still been adjusted! However, will take another bus at Langkawi because there are no road can direct to Langkawi Island.

    However, my hotel stay is about 15km from Langkawi town and 23km from jetty.

    I will go for my cousin's wedding. Date unconfirmed. But I'm not confirm sure I will film elevators at there or not.

    UPDATE: I will go for about 1 week as I expected. I might film elevators in 3 towns/cities. Along the way to Batu Pahat, I will film at selected parts of KL city (including parts of Selango…

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  • Chookhaysenn

    Sometime, I planned to film elevator (eg: I planned to film an elevator at KB Mall this 1 July) but failed to do so.

    Sometime, I am not planned to film that elevator (eg: I found Otis elevator nearby but I never film that before), I approach to an elevator, take out the phone and start filming without saying in here and on my Facebook.

    Mostly people like me like love to go Hong Kong, Bangkok, New York, etc. right? But you already post like you are going to film an elevator at there. But cancelled.

    Some doesn't plan to go somewhere but go anyway like last minute travel. 

    Some when travel, you didn't write any list where to film elevator. Example like you travel in Singapore but didn't say you want film elevators at there but film it anyways, ma…

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  • OtisElevatorGuy1

    Hey there, as you might have probaby known, I am pretty much inactive in this wiki, but that doesn't mean that I have left this wiki completely, but it's just that I am too busy right now and access to an actual computer is limited. 

    However, I do have great news, I will stopping by here often and hopefully do some elevator filming, because in September, I will be going to London for a week! Hopefully I will have the chance the record some elevators there.

    The whole half of year pretty much boring, I went to places that, either doesn't have elevators or restricted access to them. I could have recorded some escalator rides at least, but in my opinion, it's pretty boring, it's just the matter of hoping in and go out, without pressing any butto…

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  • Chookhaysenn

    Do you mean to film in border town or city (your country side or your neighour country)? If yes, I can tell you how to identify it and where to film.

    To be qualified, you need to:

    • 10km or less from immigration/border of the country
    • if an elevator is available
    • if elevators not at immigration area

    1. Genting Hotel

    Have KONE elevators here.

    2. Marina Hotel

    Have Mitsubishi elevator here.

    1. Oliver Hotel

    Have  Mitsubishi elevator here.

    1. CIQ Johor Bharu (parking garage)

    Have Schlindler elevator.

    ​Due to its size, it also qualified as border city to be filmed. Filmed by many local and international elevator filmers. Mostly Malaysian elevator filmers. You will be noted that you can recieve Malaysian, Singapore and Indonesia TV and radio channels. Please note…

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  • Cynder-loves-lifts

    Take a look at this!!

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  • Chookhaysenn

    I know most place like malls, hotels, etc are free ride to public. However some place need to pay it.

    Everyone know this: most of the elevator are free to ride. In hotels, malls and even condos!

    You can find it at any tourist destinations like Baiyoke Sky Hotel tower (except hotels), Tokyo Skytree, Burj Kalifa, etc. Including Tang Kuan Hill.

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  • Chookhaysenn

    Film elevators while travel is the most common by every elevator filmer. Here are top common by elevator filmer did.​

    Yes! I know we love a nice stay at the hotels. Just like your house. :D However, some film elevators only, some film elevators+hotel room and some take a full tour.

    Very rare that elevator filmer films in an apartment unless its open to public or you stay there temporary with your family group.

    We love shopping right? While shopping, you can find elevators in mall.

    Some tourist attractions have elevators. But some not. Like the Tang Kuan Hill, they have elevators instead of take a stairs. But just pay first before you ride and film it.

    Most tallest tower tower can be found in capital city of the country in the world. Example lik…

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  • Chookhaysenn

    I never saw (some phone brand are popular in USA but not available outside USA) elevator filmer films elevator with clone, rare and local phones (except elevator filmer in China, Japan, Korea and USA). Most of them film with original or popular phones (like iPhone and Samsung). I will tell you the camera quality in every phone. Some film elevators with camera.

    Clone is very hard to find is it original or not. When you see price, you will know. I have own Samsung Galaxy S2 clone before to film elevator but very worst quality I have film with it. When take photo, its say 8mp but not 8mp, its 1.3mp was built inside with 0.3mp front. No operating system and its based basic touch screen phone. 64mb built-in.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 (clone) elevator vid…

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  • Chookhaysenn

    Most elevator filmer travels a lot (like me and few other elevator filmer). But some travel outside their home country to film elevators. However, most elevator filmer don't want spend more money on data roaming because it is too expensive and some wait back home to upload. Here are few tips to upload at your travel desniation in cheapest way.

    I know some hotels have elevators but no WiFi or pay WiFi service or lazy to get password to login (yes, some hotel put 'open'. When you connected to WiFi and get into the browser, will enter login site). I recommended you get their prepaid SIM card at there because you will save more money than using your roaming data. (eg: when I go Thailand, prepaid pack begins as low as 49bhat. I extend their vali…

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  • Chookhaysenn

    Begins the brand new video, the sample video title will begins as follows:

    When have festival or celebrations at my country, I will put like this:

    Elevator brand, elevator model @ place (festival/Celebration)

    eg: Northern Elevator @ Star Regency Hotel, Cameron Highlands (Wesak day special)

    If there is no upcoming festival (eg: more than 3 days before or after 3 days of current festival) will put like this:

    Elevator brand, elevator model @ Place

    eg: Schlindler elevator @ Robinson Mall, Trang

    If new malls coming to town or elevator has been moded, will put like this:

    [NEW ELEVATOR, NEW PLACE] elevator brand/model @ place

    Eg: [NEW ELEVATOR, NEW MALL] Otis Traction Elevator @ Aeon Mall Kota Bharu

    [Moded elevator] elevator brand/model @ place

    If there is …

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  • Chookhaysenn

    Cameron Highlands is a district in Pahang, Malaysia located between Kelantan and Perak state. Most people come here for relax and enjoy the view of mountains. The most famous here are plantations and nature. However, no other elevator filmer films here until Star Asia Elevator films at least 1 elevator. Here we go by towns that I know.

    Brinchang is the famous for the night market. However, there are elevators too (mostly at hotels. Some hotel upgraded to hotel with elevators which originally no elevator in hotel).

    This hotel have upgrade recently. Have Hitachi elevator. This hotel originally doesn't have elevator.

    Have Northern elevator. Old hotel and apartment located near to Brinchang night market. Filmed by Star Asia Elevator which he stay…

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  • NingSama

    List of old/vintage elevators that still more than 50% original in Bangkok (and other cities if possible).

    Note: This list is up to date as of August 26th, 2016.

    • Montien Hotel Bangkok
    • Pata Pinklao (Except carpark elevators)

    • Silom Plaza (Only one left)
    • Amarin Tower (Call buttons were modded)
    • Amarin Plaza (Service elevator)
    • Asoke Towers
    • MBK Center (Near hotel)

    • Pantip Plaza Pratunam (Might be modded to Schindler soon)
    • Chulalongkorn University (Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy)

    • Central Silom Tower (Carpark elevator that can go to top floor)
    • Shangri-La Bangkok (Carpark elevators)
    • Mahatun Plaza
    • Wall Street Tower (?)
    • ITF Silom Palace
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  • Chookhaysenn

    Welcome to the South Thailand elevator blog. I can tell you the tips to film there.

    By car: For Thai national, you can drive down via route 4(?) if you are from Bangkok. For Malaysian and Singaporean (visa or passport required) planned to visit South Thailand, you can enter the border checkpoint at Padang Besar (Malaysia side), Bukit Kayu Hitam, Pengkalan Hulu, Rantau Panjang and Bukit Bunga. If you live in Kelantan, North Perak, Kedah and Perlis, you also can get a border pass which is 90% cheaper than passport for 5 years. But border pass are limited to Narathiwat, Yala, Pattani, Songkhla and Satun province only. All passport, visa and border pass are valid up to 30 days (some country up to 15-90 days, depend on visa or passport of the co…

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  • Upanddownadventures

    I am going on a trip to Utah (I am going to a city south of Salt Lake City, somewhat close to Salt Lake City).

    The description of the video has more information.

    I am passing through some other cities on the way.

    Does anyone know of any vintage elevators near Sacramento, CA, Reno, NV, Elko, NV, or West Wendover, NV, or Salt Lake City, UT, or about 90 minutes maximum south of Salt Lake City, UT, or near any city near Interstate 80 after going north past Berkeley until Interstate 80 gets to Salt Lake City? (this includes any city in Nevada near Interstate 80)

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  • James 95 Lift Productions

    Many people say is filming lifts is weird and is a crime. at this year, I'm go to security office 2 times, first August 12, 2015 and then August 31, 2015. They say is a crime because is a weird.



    Many people say elevator photographer is a crime. But, remember :"ELEVATOR PHOTOGRAPHER IS NOT A CRIME! IS JUST A UNIQUE HOBBY! IS NOT A WEIRD!".

    I'm afraid if I film lifts at strict places But I'm always remember this ELEVATOR PHOTOGRAPHER IS NOT A CRIME! IS JUST A UNIQUE HOBBY! IS NOT A WEIRD!

    Not sound to arrogant if i say many says. Thank you :)

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  • Crafthuntergaming


    December 3, 2015 by Crafthuntergaming

    Tis is just a test , please ignore!

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  • NingSama

    From this older post by MelvinMan10, press here .

    List of YouTube elevator filmers in Thailand who has (at least) one elevator video in present.

    "Extremely cautious than other elevator filmers in South East Asia, he is currently the oldest YouTube elevator channel in Thailand that still filming elevators."

    • City: Bangkok
    • Channel: MelvinMan10
    • Status: Inactive

    He is formerly the most popular YouTube elevator filmer in Thailand. However, he never take risks to film elevators that access restricted.

    He films elevators in 8 cities (as of August 26th, 2016). His videos are in Bangkok, Samut Prakarn, Nonthaburi, Chonburi, Nakhon Pathom, Pathumthani, Yamanashi (Kawaguchiko) (Japan) and Chiba (Narita) (Japan).

    "The hyperactive elevator filmer who loves to ta…

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  • Not real name

    Users with the word TROLL, TR+LL or TR-LL word who are caught vandalising should be blocked indefinitely including his IP. Im kind of annoyed because he vandalized 2 wikis that Im admin at. 

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  • Path Light

    After watching other people's video of elevators, I decided to record my own. It started on 16 May 2015 and in 10 July 2015, I decided to use my new Sony Xperia M4 phone.

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  • NingSama

    Note: All of statistics are up to date as of February 9th, 2017.


    1. Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo, Japan (634m)
    2. Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok (304m)
    3. State Tower, Bangkok (247m)
    4. Centara Grand at CentralWorld, Bangkok (235m)
    5. Empire Tower, Bangkok (227m)
    6. Swissotel the Stamford Singapore, Singapore (226m)
    7. Jewelry Trade Center, Bangkok (221m)
    8. The Orchard Residences, Singapore (ION Sky) (218m)
    9. China Resources Tower, Bangkok (210m)
    10. The Offices at CentralWorld, Bangkok (204m)

    1. Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo, Japan (450m)
    2. Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok (83rd floor)
    3. Swissotel the Stamford Singapore, Singapore (70th floor)
    4. State Tower, Bangkok (64th floor)
    5. Banyan Tree Bangkok aka Thai Wah Tower II (59th floor)
    6. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (57th floor)
    7. Empire Tower, Bangkok (56th floor)…

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  • NingSama

    If you are an elevator filmer and you want to film elevators in Thailand, here are elevators that you should not missed. (Because it's awesome and rare in Asia, or even the world.)

    Rare Schindler with FI MXB fixtures located here although all of elevators are served only two floors and there are security guards nearby.

    Easy to film if you paid for going to observatory tower. There are LG-Sigma with unique indicator and nice buttons here. And this building is currently the second tallest building in Thailand (and the easiest to film).

    You can find Mitsubishi with US buttons and Asian indicator in this place. If you cannot exchange ID card (or passport) to pass turnstiles, Em Space elevators are OK.

    The easiest destination dispatch elevators to …

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  • NingSama

    This is a list of malls in Thailand that have elevators (or possibly have elevators) and brands you can find them.

    Malls and Community Malls

    Name Brands
    CentralPlaza Lardprao Otis, ThyssenKrupp, Mitsubishi (Tower)
    CentralPlaza Ramindra Mitsubishi
    CentralPlaza Bangna Mitsubishi
    CentralPlaza Pinklao Mitsubishi

    CentralPlaza Rama 3

    CentralPlaza Rama 2 Schindler
    CentralWorld Otis, Sigma, Kone, Schindler
    CentralPlaza Grand Rama 9 Schindler, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, ThyssenKrupp
    CentralFestival EastVille ThyssenKrupp, Kone
    Central Chidlom Otis
    Central Silom Complex Otis
    Central Embassy Mitsubishi
    The Mall Ramkamhaeng 3 Hitachi
    The Mall Thapra Sigma, Schindler
    The Mall Bangkae Hitachi
    The Mall Bangkapi Hitachi
    The Emporium Schindler
    The EmQuartier Hitachi
    The Em…

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  • IDLift3000

    I recently found out someone from an undisclosed Facebook group has started an encyclopedia-like website using the name Elevatorpedia called After browsing around the website, it currently has few new articles with information copied and pasted from various online sources. In addition, comments are disabled on all articles.

    UPDATE & NOTICE: The website contains malware attack! DO NOT click the link if you do not want your computer/device got infected!

    Please note that the website mentioned is NOT owned and operated by any admins of this wiki!

    Harap diingat bahwa website yang disebutkan di atas TIDAK dikelola dan dijalankan oleh admin siapapun di wiki ini!

    A note for the admin of the website:

    Using any of the medias such as photos and …

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  • Le.quangminh.3158

    He is from Vietnam and live in Hanoi, he start film elevators and escalator since May 29, 2014. In December 2014, he is enjoying his first Schindler 5500 with Lenia 300. Until now, he stop filming for a mouth because of mean comments

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  • TTSkyscraper

    As everyone know the ElevatorAdjuster (YouTube) step to his retirement. I think I need everyone's comment to make some of the pages in EW making some explanation diagram. Comments reculting within 2 months.

    You can refer these examples before comment:

    • Elevator structures (
    • Traction elevator motors (
    • Escalators (
    • Basic Elevator Components - Part Two (Electrical Knowhow)

    Admin 4, Skyscraper Stuff by Test Tower (SSTT).

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  • Georgy2508

    I keep earning badges :)

    January 15, 2015 by Georgy2508

    I keep receiving badges and I am in rank 6. I am pretty sure than I can receive more! :)

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  • Lloyd999ify

    I also saw that this wiki is getting much popular, a bit more than the elevator community one. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!

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  • IDLift3000

    January 2015 updates

    January 12, 2015 by IDLift3000

    Here are some updates as well as upcoming projects on Elevatorpedia for January 2015.

    We have set a new wiki background and the background image is, of course, elevators. Transparency has also been adjusted. However, due to the size of the layout, it will not appear on smartphones and possibly on most tablets, even when desktop site mode is enabled.

    Update: As of January 14, 2015, this feature has been disabled due to a problem while adding a picture on the source mode editor. In addition, the design is terrible IMO because the caption pops out when the mouse pointer hits the caption, resulting the picture half blocked by the caption.

    Date: January 11, 2015

    Color scheme for wiki buttons, links and banners have been slightly changed from dark b…

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  • TTSkyscraper

    For almost a year of vandalism in this wiki, as well as we also founded in ECW and EDW. I have already submitted a request to the Wikia central to make this wiki only registered users are eligible to edit our most of the wiki page. For this affected by Wikia, everyone will need to register a Wikia account to obtain a right for editing.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Admin 4, Skyscraper Stuff by Test Tower (SSTT).

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  • IDLift3000

    Title says all, Elevatorpedia was featured on Elevator World on November 17, 2014!

    Find out more on this link

    Thanks to Upanddownadventures for telling this.

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  • Maalit72

    I want to say that I still will be not so active on this wiki because something is disturbing me on this wiki.

    I don't want to harm brony users on this wiki but this is something that I have to say and I can't hold it anymore. I can't stand that there are too much MLP pictures on this wiki. I thought that this is a wiki only about elevators.

    I don't care if users will put non elevator related content on their profile(like MLP and other things that a spesific user likes) but not on other pages.

    You can find me on the other 2 elevator wikis(Elevator Community Wiki and Elevator Database Wiki).



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  • IDLift3000

    This is a guide on how to find out if a hotel in Bali has an elevator. There are numerous hotels and resorts scattered in Bali, most of them have elevators while some others do not have elevators. This guide will help you to find hotels that have an elevator without wasting time of going through hotels that do not have elevators.

    The easiest way to find a hotel that has an elevator is to look at the list of facilities provided by the hotel. Browse on the hotel’s official website can sometime find this information, but the easiest way to find is by searching the hotel on hotel review sites. Agoda and Expedia always lists these facilities under the Hotel Features section. This tips is useful if you find new hotels that you haven’t knew or hav…

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  • Circleline28

    Find me on Instagram!

    October 7, 2014 by Circleline28

    Account name--> Circleline28

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  • Konemseries12

    Recently Castle Mall in Norwich have invested £3 million in replacing all of the existing lifts an escalators to make the center look a lot more modern and less tacky. The only thing is that they are replacing some old KONE M-Series lifts and some O&K escalators. The work is now in Car Park 2 where the original M-Series lifts were. Luckily at the minute one M-Series lift remains in Car Park 2. Car Park 1 was modernized earlier in the year and the Car Park levels are also being refurbished to a more modern standard. The glass lifts were re roped to stop them from sticking.

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