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This is a guide of fixtures used in Bennie Lifts.

1930s to 1960s

Black buttons

Most elevators during this era are using old Dewhurst black buttons without illumination. The call buttons sometimes have a light above them that lights up when the button is pressed. Floor indicators are round white lamp with yellow orange lamp.

1970s to 1980s

In the early 1970s, Bennie Lifts started to use rectangular fixtures. This fixture has surface-mounted, white rectangular buttons that light up yellow. Some buttons, however, do not have lamps. These buttons are also used as floor indicators, but they are positioned vertically and arranged horizontally on the floor counter (some of them can be pressed for some reason). In some elevators, it is possible for second generation Express Lift vandal-resistant buttons to be mounted on a 1970s Bennie Lift car operating panel.


These fixtures are similar to the non vandal resistant version, but instead of a white button that lights up yellow, it is a metal rectangular button with two small lights that light up red.

Dewhurst fixtures

Some Bennie Lifts elevators in the mid-1980s are using Dewhurst fixtures.

List of elevator fixtures guide

Main topic: Elevator fixtures

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For the other unknown fixtures, please refer to unknown elevator fixtures‎‎ page.

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