This is a guide to the different fixtures that have been made by Reliable/Amtech Reliable.


These fixtures look very similar to 1980s U.S. elevator fixtures, but the floor numbers look different. For a typical Amtech Reliable car station with 1 vertical row of buttons, originally, the buttons were centered, but later, they added brailles, and off-centered the button. Usually, the indicator is analog, but sometimes, it is either a partially digital indicator, with analog arrows, that is also in the style of a U.S. elevator indicator, or a fully digital indicator, which might by made by Epco, as the arrow looks like one from an Epco indicator.

Vandal resistant

These fixtures consist of metal buttons with a light in the center, which lights up when pressed. Around the button, there is a metal ring, raised up like a cone. Sometimes, vandal resistant floor buttons are paired with normal call buttons/non-floor buttons.

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