Allmänna Svenska Elekriska AB (or ASEA for short, later known as Asea AB), was a major electric company, founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1883, but later moved to Västerås and had filial offices in Ludvika. ASEA manufactured almost everything that had to do with electricity and kept a strong position in the Swedish market. These includes alot of electrical locomotives (some of them were even exported to Austria, Norway, and the United States) but also elevators, that were installed in Sweden and Finland foremost. The elevator divison was merged with Graham Brothers to become ASEA-Graham in 1962. In 1968, KONE gradually bought it up. The company itself merged with Brown Boveri & Cie in 1987, becoming ABB.

Notable aquisitons

  • Nya Förenade Elektriska AB - 1916
  • Graham Brothers Hissar AB - 1936 (run as an separate elevator division untill 1962)
  • Luth & Rosén's Elektriska AB - 1930 (ran as a daugther company until 1940)
  • HVILANs Mekaniska Verkstad - 1950 (only the elevator part, which was shut down immediately)

Notable installations


ASEA were one of two major companies installing elevators in Sweden and alot of elevators were built by them. Here is a few:

  • Katarinahissen, Slussen, Stockholm (1936)
  • Hornsgatan 83, Stockholm
  • Dalapalatset, Gävle
  • Mälarsjukhuset, Eskilstuna
  • Heden 128, Bollnäs (1961)
  • Tekniska Muséet
  • Hötorget, Rådmansgatan, Odenplan & S:t Eriksplan Tunnelbana Stations (escalators, 1952)


There is quite few elevators in Helsinki. These are available on YouTube which have been filmed by some Finnish elevator enthusiasts, but the addresses are not stated.


There is one surviving ASEA elevator located in the historic Hotel Niagara in Lawang, Malang, East Java[1]. Completed in 1918, it is said to be manually controlled and the cab is made entirely of wood complete with manual hinged doors. Due to its age and safety reason, the elevator is no longer working.

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